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Programs We Support

Programs We Support Through the Goodwin House Foundation

The Goodwin House Foundation supports programs that make Goodwin House a better place to live and work. We provide confidential financial assistance to residents as well as tuition reimbursement to staff. And as we seek to build the Foundation in the future, it is our goal to support innovations that contribute to the well-being and vibrant living for everyone as we age.

How We Use Your Gifts

Area of Greatest Need

When you designate your gift to the Area of Greatest Need, you enable the Foundation to apply funds where we need them most. Such gifts allow the greatest flexibility, making it possible for you to have the greatest impact.

“My mother lived briefly at Goodwin House. Because of my gratitude for my mother’s experience, I have been a regular donor to the Goodwin House Foundation over these many years. I fervently hope those funds are always there to continue that wonderful guarantee so those residents and their family members will have peace of mind.”
— A Foundation Donor

Fellowship: Confidential Support for Residents

For more than five decades, Goodwin House has kept our commitment that no resident ever be asked to leave due to a lack of financial resources. The Foundation provides nearly $800,000 a year in fellowship. Residents and their families are grateful for the peace of mind this program offers.

“There is a wonderful old Protestant Hymn entitled ‘Great is Thy Faithfulness.’ While all the words may not be appropriate, the word, ‘faithful’ is perhaps one that resonates with most residents. Goodwin House has made us a promise that it never has, nor will it ever ask a resident to leave because of running out of funds. These words became a living reality to me when I found myself out of funds. The Foundation helped me re-organize my debts, and with my remaining limited income, feel less guilty about the fact that I could not continue to support others or organizations at the level I had in the past. Helping me with my financial issues while preserving my dignity was a wonderful experience.

“Few things can be counted on not to change, and one of those things is the Foundation’s support for residents. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing Goodwin House will be faithful to its pledge, and will continue to support residents collectively and individually. Because we understand this, maybe it’s the reason so many of us participate and try to ‘give back’ in every way we can, to contribute to the quality of life at Goodwin House.”
— A Goodwin House Resident

Staff Support: Education Grants | Financial Emergencies | Citizenship Fees

The Foundation funds programs that have a profound impact on the lives of our staff. We support those who experience unexpected financial setbacks. We offer tuition support and fund professional development opportunities. And we provide grants to cover U.S. citizenship application fees.

“Goodwin House is special, most notably because of its mission: ‘Support, honor and uplift the lives of older adults and the people who care for them.’ I love my job because Goodwin House cares about me and my professional growth. The tuition assistance benefit allows me to continue my education. I’m using it to obtain a degree in nursing.”
— Mee-Kema Braima Fakondor, Small House CNA

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