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We celebrate our team spirit at Goodwin House!

Join the Goodwin House Family

You might arrive at Goodwin House because you’re looking for a job. And you’ll stay because we’re family.

The mission of Goodwin House is to support, honor and uplift the lives of older adults and the people who care for them. That mission is essential to the culture, passion and sense of family you will find here. We start meetings by sharing “mission moments” with one another.

Mission Is Our Passion & Purpose

Where our mission meets our passion — that is where we find purpose! And this makes for a workplace that is upbeat and fun, even on our most difficult days. We are intentional about creating a safe place, one of welcome and belonging.

You will find this in ways both big and small. It might be organization-wide efforts such as those made by our DEI (Diversity, Equality & Inclusion) committee. It might simply be coworkers who offer kind words, bright smiles or air high-fives to you when you’re having a bad day. Whatever you need, we find a way to help. We find a way to realize our mission as it applies to you, personally.

Our Team is Diverse

Goodwin House is diverse and accepting, with nearly 1,000 team members who come from more than 60 countries. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what language you speak, the color of your skin, your faith, your sexual orientation, your gender identity, whether you have a disability or anything else that makes you uniquely YOU—we are a family that takes care of each other.

Uplifting team members goes well beyond offering a hug or kind words. Our benefits are outstanding. And we offer them to full-time, part-time and PRN team members. Our complete package of benefits includes comprehensive health care, continuing education, retirement savings, tuition assistance and much more.

Several of our team members realize their dreams while working at Goodwin House. And for those who dream of becoming U.S. citizens, we have developed a program just for them. Through the Goodwin House Foundation, this program provides grants to Goodwin House employees and helps them pay for the expensive application fees. The program also offers other types of support, including tutoring to help prepare for the citizenship exam.

Goodwin House is a Great Place to Work

It’s no accident, given the lengths Goodwin House goes to uplift its staff members, that it was named one of the Top Workplaces in the Washington, D.C. area by The Washington Post. It’s also not surprising that more than 20% of the staff have served at Goodwin House for more than 10 years.

We hope you will join us. We hope that you will become a strong member of our family. We look forward to seeing you, and your family, grow and thrive among us.

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