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Personal Services Offered by Goodwin House at Home

As life moves on, unforeseen changes in our health can throw us off course. No one wants to be left with limited care options, and that’s why Goodwin House at Home exists. We want to help reduce your risks. Goodwin House at Home gives you a sense of comfort by allowing you to plan and pay for future care now.

We are the only program of our kind in Northern Virginia. Goodwin House at Home combines the benefits of long-term care insurance with care coordination and personalized plans. When you become a member, you’ll have an experienced partner empowering you to stay in charge and at home as long as you wish. We’ll architect the ins and outs of your support systems as your needs evolve.

Member Services Facilitator: Your Personal Concierge

From the moment you choose Goodwin House at Home, you’ll be connected with a Member Services Facilitator, who serves as your concierge, ally and advocate. As an experienced senior care professional, your facilitator ensures that you remain safe and comfortable and that your plans and wishes are carried out. We check in often, making sure that you have what you need, when you need it.

Included Services & Benefits

Goodwin House at Home provides five plans to choose from, helping ensure you can stay in your own home with your assets protected from unpredictable expenses. You can continue to live the way you want to, enjoying the activities you love and knowing that your monthly fees will not increase if your care needs change. Whether you previously chose to forgo long-term care insurance or you need to fill gaps in an existing policy, Goodwin House at Home plans provide extensive coverage.

Whether you require in-home health care, home repairs or weekly housekeeping, we coordinate your services and care with vetted, trustworthy professionals. We can even add charges for services not covered by your plan to your invoice, saving you the stress of keeping up with additional paperwork.

Your care is your call. Make the call today at 703.575.5202 to discuss your future and how we can help you age in place.

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